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Overview of foot pain: their causes, symptoms and treatments

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foot pain

The foot is made up of 26 bones and 107 ligaments, not to mention tendons, muscles and nerves. The skin on the heels and toes is thicker in order to capture the pressures of the body and allow movement. This thickness and the most important of the body. However, the feet are, and we know, subject to various ailments. Let’s take an overview of the most common pathologies.

Pain: a matter of feet

There may be pain caused by deformities of the tendons, bones or ligaments or even aggravated by being overweight or wearing the wrong shoes . Either way, the feet are areas that can quickly hurt . It is better to deal well with the painful feelings that we may have. Foot pain can affect multiple areas of the body. Indeed a foot problem can cause shoulder problems ! Eh yes ! By shifting the weight of the body because of the pain, you can throw your back, your shoulders, your organs off-axis . In short, you have to take care of your pedestrian health.

Shoes and your feet

Shoes with heels overload the forefoot, which causes pain. This is similar for people not wearing heels, just shoes with a slight rise. To relieve pain, massages are beneficial, as well as an orthopedic insole . This will allow the loads to be distributed in a better way on the areas of the feet. You can also wear low shoes with a wide heel.

This pathology causes sensations of very painful electric shocks in the foot. His sensations are caused by a pinching of the nerves by the metatarsals of the foot (knuckle bones). Wearing soles will distribute the pressure and pinching stresses on the nerve. In case of failure of soft methods, an operation may be considered .

Heel spur

Under the heel, a small bony growth may appear. This outgrowth, favored by standing and the strong stresses of the structures of the feet, in the shape of a needle causes sensations of perforations. Insoles ( or light heels) are recommended to elevate the foot and relax the skin.

Friction causes in particular corns on the toes. To prevent them, wearing wide shoes is recommended (which avoids friction). In the event of a corn on a toe, a device may be prescribed so that the shoe rubs on the device rather than on one of the phalanges . Coricides are not always recommended because of their excessive effectiveness and the possibility of creating wounds.

You can also go through a natural treatment like  3 drops of essential oil (EO) of tea tree twice a day. However, it is preferable to seek advice from a specialist before using EOs tonot to risk contraindications .

7 natural remedies to eliminate or prevent corns or calluses

Hallux valgus is a deformity of the big toe , an abnormal deviation of the bone that causes pain. These are caused by poor support and therefore a deportation of the weight of the body on the neighboring bones. This deviation completely changes the physical and sensory balance , which is why pain is quickly felt. One of the only solutions is surgery, which will realign the bones.

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