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Orthodontics in adults: in which cases is it necessary?

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Orthodontics in adults

Orthodontics has become, in just a few years, a very popular medicine, especially for young people. If it has long been seen as something inaccessible, in particular because of its high price, and which mainly made it possible to correct an aesthetic problem, things have fortunately evolved since then. Most teenagers go through the orthodontic box, and it has even become rare to find young people who do not wear braces in colleges and high schools. However, for adults, braces are still anecdotal, while they can totally change the daily life of those who dare to take the plunge. It must be said that this is a long-term commitment, which aims to change something central to a face: the smile. However,

Orthodontics even for adults

Contrary to what one might think, orthodontics is not just for young people. Adults can get treatment too, and it’s never too late to get it . In the same way as for children, orthodontics in adults makes it possible to correct problems of alignment, occlusion, or even bad position of the jaw .

Orthodontic treatments do not only correct an aesthetic problem. In reality, all the problems mentioned above can lead to much more serious consequences, such as cavities , gum disease , headaches or earaches as well as problems with speech , chewing or biting .

Different possible treatments for adults

If adults tend to avoid orthodontic treatments, it is mainly for aesthetic reasons . Indeed, when we think of braces, we often imagine braces on the front of the teeth, relatively conspicuous, and which are necessarily linked in the common unconscious to the phase of adolescence . Most adults therefore do not really want to end up with all this paraphernalia, which is not really discreet.

Fortunately, if you want to start one of the best orthodontic treatments, you will most likely have several types of treatments to choose from, as Dr. Emeric Augeraud, orthodontist in Paris at Bloomsquare Studio , offers . It is indeed perfectly possible to find an invisible and painless treatment , which will suit your problem.

If adults often tend to believe that orthodontics is only for young people, it is also because most of them do not know that teeth actually move throughout life . This is a completely normal phenomenon, which does not necessarily mean that your teeth are in poor health. Moreover, for some people, orthodontic treatment is unnecessary during childhood and adolescence, and actually becomes necessary in adulthood .

The importance of smiling

It must be admitted: having a nice smile is now perceived as something very important. It is the witness of a certain lifestyle , and says a lot about a person. In addition, it is often the first thing you see in a person, and therefore remains a major marker. Having a nice smile can therefore be very useful on a daily basis, and will leave a good image in the minds of those you meet.

A real investment

Obviously, orthodontics has a cost , which is unfortunately not negligible when you are an adult. It is indeed a treatment that extends over several months (sometimes even up to two years), and which is therefore relatively expensive . If a basic treatment, that is to say visible rings, can cost between 800 and 1200 euros, this is not the case for all options. Depending on the extent of the work to be done, as well as the visible or invisible side of the treatment, the prices can literally double . Thus, if you choose an alternative that is perfectly invisible from an outside point of view, you risk paying up to 9000 euros for lingual braces.

Unfortunately, and unlike the treatments offered to young people, orthodontics is not covered by social security for adults . Thus, you will have to pay for much of the treatment with your own money. It may be possible, depending on the mutuals, to find offers that will lighten the bill a little , even if they never cover all the costs.

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