June 23, 2024

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4 natural remedies for dental pain in children

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dental pain

The teeth can very quickly become a painful area. To give you an example, dental emergencies have a helicopter to go faster in case of problems. So you can imagine the strength of these pains. But what about children? If a toothache can put an adult down, on a child things are worse. So if brushing your teeth isn’t enough and you don’t have good dental insurance , you need these 4 remedies. With them, save your children’s teeth!

Homeopathy: small marbles for small mouths

Homeopathy seems to be a good option for relieving dental pain in children. Indeed, many little ones like to take these little white marbles – which has an undeniable advantage – in addition to which their effects are obvious. So you can give them:

Massages: when softness fights pain

Massages are often useful with children. This allows them to be calmed by your simple presence, by your attention, your tenderness.

To help him get better, you can for example massage his cheeks , gently and delicately while he is lying on his back. You can massage it with a little essential oil (with a pure and natural mention of course) of strongly diluted cloves.

Gum massage can also be a good solution if your child does not yet have teeth. Gently massage with or without soothing cream(found in pharmacies) the sore gum with a clean finger.

Amber: stones that soothe

Even if the virtues of this natural resin are not proven, many people use them for their ability to calm the child. If you want to use an amber necklace or bracelet, keep in mind that you should always be present and remove them when the child is alone or asleep . Indeed, the risks of strangulation or ingestion are present. However, this natural product can be a good help in case of dental pain (which also applies to adults).

Bags of ice cream: yes…but no!

We, adults, have the habit of putting pockets of ice on the areas where we have pain and spreading when we have a toothache. However, you should know that even if the ice relieves, it can aggravate the underlying pathologies . Putting ice on cavity pain can make the pain worse . It is therefore necessary to know the origin of the pain before using ice packs.

The evils (words) of the end

Always try to understand where pain is coming from . For teeth, it’s the same process. It is therefore necessary to ask your child – if he is of course old enough to speak – if he has had a shock, how it hurts, where exactly, etc. You can then use these different remedies. Also remember one fact, children do not have the same constitution as us. Thus, essential oils , macerates and other plants are not always recommended .

However, if your child continues to suffer from toothache,don’t wait too long before taking him to a specialist .

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