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How to unclog baby nose

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unclog baby nose

There is nothing more distressing for parents than to see their child struggling to breathe. If your baby is unable to breathe properly due to a stuffy nose, this article could definitely help. Learn how to free your baby’s nose without bothering him.Read also: Natural remedies that every mother should knowHow do you know if your baby has a stuffy nose?

Symptoms…Your baby is too small to ask for help! Know that your baby has a stuffy nose when,He breathes through his mouthHe becomes irritableHe snores while breathing. Snoring is an almost explosive noise coming out through the nose when forced breathing occurs.He has difficulty feeding himself. Because they breathe through their mouth, they can’t swallow foodA newborn, however, may have a stuffy nose and may sniff while breathing for the first few days of life . This is because in the womb it was completely bathed in amniotic fluid and some of this fluid may still be in the nose. Sometimes such a newborn will sneeze for the first couple of days to try to get rid of this liquid left in the nasal passages .

What are the causes of stuffy nose in babies?

The causes that can cause stuffy nose in children including toddlers are listed here.Dry air . Indoor heating, especially in winter, can dry out your baby’s nasal passages.Irritation due to dust , smoke, perfumes, pollen… can be called allergens and they could either cause a runny nose or a stuffy nose.Viral infections like colds and flu . The immune system of toddlers and young babies is not yet strong enough and they can easily catch infections.

Why is it essential to treat nasal congestion in babies as soon as possible?

It doesn’t bother us so much when we have a stuffy nose, because we can handle it more easily and can design different ways of breathing. However, your baby has not yet adjusted well to the environment and his own internal systems . Thus, you must take immediate action to clear your child’s stuffy nose at the earliest because:Very small babies do not know how to breathe through their mouths . They insist on breathing through their nose, even when blocked . If you see your baby struggling with a stuffy nose and trying to breathe through it, show him how to breathe through his mouth. The good news is that babies are great learners and can copy what you do . So, help him breathe through his mouth when you clear his stuffy nose.If you don’t clear your child’s stuffy nose and let him breathe through his mouth, you won’t be able to feed him easily .

The baby needs his mouth to hold food and suck it.

If the nose is blocked and the mouth does the work of breathing, how will your baby eat?! It is urgent then to take immediate measures to clear your baby’s stuffy nose.Here are several effective ways to clear a child’s nose.You can try the methods below to help clear your baby’s stuffy nose . However, if the baby continues to have difficulty breathing or feeding, see your doctor or your baby’s pediatrician immediately. He can diagnose if the baby has an infection or other medical conditions that may be causing the stuffy nose. Some conditions require medical intervention.1. Use nasal saline solution (sea water) to moisten and drip your baby’s dry noseIf your baby’s stuffy nose is due to dry nasal mucous membranes , the first thing you should do is moisten your child’s nose . For this you need saline drops .

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