May 25, 2024

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Are You Choosing an IQOS Model from Several Models? Why This Model is Right for You

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l from Several Models

A contemporary substitute for conventional smoking is IQOS. Users are shown updated IQOS models on a yearly basis. Each model is unique not just in terms of manufacturability, but also in terms of design, which is always important.

You may visit the website of HNB One at Hnb.One and find several models of IQOs presented. Since IQOS 2.4, IQOS 2.4 Plus, IQOS 3, and IQOS Multi have already been phased out, the two best devices with various features are now being offered.

Let us discuss them in this post.


How to know that this model is right for you?

You love the latest and trendiest gadgets.

You fail to understand why you should go for the last generation of gadgets when a new one is available.

Design and style matter.

Often you prefer 2 sticks in a row and cannot wait.


One charge is sufficient for two sticks in this model. This particular type can be used two times straight without needing to recharge. It has a quick charging mechanism. Its holder charges at a maximum of 1:50 from zero charge to at least one use. Faster still if the battery was able to store any extra energy.

Every six months on average, a limited edition of the Duo with a novel design or fresh colour is released.

The gadget is the ideal size to fit in your palm. In comparison to earlier models, the holder is lighter and slimmer. The holder can be inserted into the charger from any side without running the danger of doing so improperly and breaking it.

The charger itself opens via a magnetic side door rather than a cover. Its housing is resistant to impacts. Bluetooth and NFC built-in.


How to know that you need IQOS VEEV?

  • You love sweet aerosol flavours.
  • You never like to struggle with sticks and frequently change them after
  • You prefer to try something that is latest.


The first small vape from IQOS is the VEEV. Instead of sticks, the device uses reusable, interchangeable pods. Built on the distinctive IQOS MESH technology is IQOS VEEV.

The heating element is made of a grid that is fully submerged in the fireplace’s liquid and maintains touch with it until the liquid is completely gone.

This gives each puff a consistent, rich flavour. The device is turned off by control sensors when the liquid in the cartridge runs out. This offers defence against burnt-out and dry puffs.

While puffing, IQOS VEEV makes an odd vibration. The vibration becomes more audible as the tightening increases. Touch mode is a feature that can be disabled if preferred.

You can modify Viv’s settings using the IQOS App. For instance, choose the touch puff mode, modify the steam output, or choose the backlight. If the device is lost, it can even be located.

The IQOS VEEV is portable and small. After the session is over, you don’t even need to turn it off, if the device is not used for a few minutes, it will turn itself off. The battery of the smartphone may be fully charged in 30 minutes because of its incredibly quick charging technology.

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