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10 Common Misconceptions About Laser Skin Treatment

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Misconceptions About Laser Skin Treatment

Laser Skin Treatments have become quite popular in recent days. The first reason for that is: They are painless and the second is: The results are amazing. However, every sunny morning has a darker side. So does, Laser Skin Treatments. Effective and latest laser treatments from Laser Skin Services in NY are more than amazing with guaranteed post-treatment results. 

Here are 10 common Misconceptions about laser treatment that you should immediately stop believing

1. Lasers Cause Cancers

Truth: Laser Treatments are used to remove hair from the skin. They are also used to mitigate unwanted marks on the skin. The laser rays applied to the skin during treatment do not cause any type of cancerous growth in the body. The wavelength of laser light has not got any potential to trigger cancerous outgrowth in the body. 

2. Lasers Treatment is Very Expensive

Truth: This is another misconception. Just because laser treatments seem to be very sophisticated, does not mean that they are overpriced or extremely expensive. Some people also believe that laser hair removal can lead to the re-growth of hair on the skin and ultimately there are more expensive razors and waxing on the way. This is a total myth. The laser leads to pinless hair removal and is a cost-effective process.

3. Laser Causes Skin Thinning

Truth: Laser does not cause any change to the skin texture. They can at times lead to skin thickening but never thin. Laser waves applied on the skin during treatments actually induce the growth of collagen on the skin which can lead to skin thickning. 

4. Laser exposes you to very harmful radiation

Truth: Yes it is true that a laser can expose you to radiation but the intensity is extremely low. Laser is a certified process that does not expose the person to any harmful radiation that can cause any health hazards for them. Normal sunlight has more intensity of triggering radiation than any laser treatment.

5. Laser Will Burn Your Skin

Truth: In today’s world, Laser treatments are based on the principles of photo-thermolysis. In this process, the laser light targeted on the skin acts only on the desired/intended targets and not on the whole skin grossly. There can be certain side effects of the laser treatment that are nominal. Especially if you get them done under the supervision of the best laser skin services in NY. 

6. Laser Treatment is a Painful Process

Truth: Laser is an absolutely painless procedure. There may be a shallow sensation of warmth on your skin but nothing beyond that. Also, experts always use some topical anesthetics on the skin area before applying the laser treatment to sensitive zones. Usually, for areas like arms and legs, the laser beams do not cause any issues. But for areas like the bikini line and underarms, the laser treatment may hurt sometimes like a pinprick. To avoid that numbing creams are used.

7. Laser Treatment is Not Necessary

Truth: Laer hair removal is one of the best gifts you will ever present to your body. Laser hair removal can be so much beneficial for your skin. Get rid of the daily pain of waxing, and also experience an amazing feeling of the skin texture post-laser treatment. Also, not only as a skin luxury, laser treatments are a real medical necessity for many skin conditions such as varicose veins. They are also helpful for tattoo removal, removing unwanted hair and scars from the skin.

8. Laser treatment leads to poor skin quality

Truth: Laser actually causes the rejuvenation of the skin. This is precise because laser induces the proliferation of skin cells and biosynthesis of collagen. Hence it is highly recommended for skin tightening, rejuvenation, and skin lifting. It can be of extreme help for aging skin. Many people across the globe choose to opt for laser treatments on a regular span to keep their skin forever youthful, healthy and glowing. 

9. Laser Treatments are the same and lead to the same results

Truth: There are various types of laser treatments each with different characteristics and different outcomes. There is usually no similarity between two laser treatments because no two skin is similar. Also, the process and intended outcomes are different. 

10. Laser Treatment is bad for the Health

Lasers have a penetration capacity of only 1-4 mm. It cannot penetrate your body beyond that hence there is no chance that it will get into the deeper tissues and cause any health complications. There have been several studies that prove Laser treatment to be completely safe for use. 

Final Words

If you want to try out some of the amazing laser skin treatments, it is time you gather the courage, shun all those myths, and connect with the best laser skin services in NY. Give your skin all the care it deserves with effective laser skin treatments. 

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